Hello, my name is Juho Kanniainen, but you can call me "J" [jay].

I'm an all-around geek armed with a bit of business smarts and ever growing curiosity about the world and it's ever changing pieces.

I work as a software-consultant in Helsinki, Finland. My work focuses around Customer Relationship Management and Marketing automation.

Outside of work I try to find ways to improve and to attain goals. This website is an attempt to put my mind into focus, to transform intent into action and to share my experiences and thoughts with others that might be going trough a similar struggle.

People that have had an influence over who I've become are multitude but to name few: Tim Ferris, Stephen Fry, R.A.Salvatore, Jordan B. Peterson, My Family, Friends (actual, and the TV show), Monkey D Luffy and especially all of my ex-girlfriends.

I guess I am a "90's" kid, even though I've never identified as one. That said, Pokémon, Beyblade, Dragon ball Z, The Matrix, N64, PS1 and MP3-players etc. played a significant role in how I view the world.